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We Specialize in Restoration of several small components with a large inventory of Restored, NOS and Reproduction parts in stock.  Click on image to enlarge! 

                                  Specialized Featured Products

Transistorized Ignition (K-66 Option)
         Corvette/Chevy/Camaro, GTO
            OEM Restored & New

Distributors               Amplifiers
Harnesses                 Coils
Mounting Hardware     Cap & Rotor
               Complete Systems

Several Part Numbers & Dates in Stock
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Vent Window Regulators

OEM Restored Regulators; with new output gear.  No slop, perfect for NCRS Performance Verifications.  Exchange or Outright, or
do yours.
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T-Arms and A-Arms
OEM Restored T-Arms:  NOS Parts,                        OEM Restored A-Arms:  Correct Bushings,
Factory Specs/Tolerances.  Exchange,                      Correct Ball-joints Riveted in like factory.
Do Yours, or Outright-Several dated Hubs                  Do Yours, or Outright.  Also all suspension
to choose from.                                                    Parts i.e., tie rod ends, sway links, etc.
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Knock-Off/Bolt-On Wheels (P-48 /N-89)
                       OEM Restored
     Wheels, Hub Adapters and Spinners
Complete matching Dated sets:  New Correct Center Cones, Center Caps w/"air brush" Painted "Red, White & Blue", "Dill" Caps, Lug Nuts & Valve Stems.
Exchange or Outright or, Restore Yours!
Several Dates in Stock
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Delco Licensed Reproduction Products

Full line of Reprodution Ignition Parts
Coils, TI Coil Pick-Up, Cap/Rotors,
TI Amps & Module Boards
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Albuquerque, NM 87122

(505) 717-1140
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